Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation Review

2017-04-14 06.09.33The Background & my Intention Of The Purchase.

Foundation is my thing, I am constantly lurking for new foundations to try. I am a true believer that there is a foundation for every single skin type, color, and texture. I began the hunt for the perfect foundation years ago, and let me say I have stumbled across so many that I love! Clinique was something on my list, but I promised myself to purchase this in spring simply because that’s the time where my skin becomes so sensitive to everything, and Clinique is a brand that is known to tailor products for sensitive skin. 

The Product & The Review

Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation + concealer

When I first bought this I didn’t have such high hopes, because when I thought of Clinique I thought of a skin care brand more than a makeup brand. It claims to be allergy tested, and 100% Fragrance-free. It also states that it’s both a foundation and a concealer. Therefore I gave it a shot. And let me tell you how much I loved it! When I first applied this it applied so smoothly and I instantly knew it was full coverage. It has a doe-foot applicator, which to be honest with you is not my favourite, but I am pretty sure you can purchase a separate pump if that is something you don’t like. It is indeed a full coverage, that made my skin look like skin. I remember every time I glanced myself in the mirror throughout the day I realized how my skin looked flawless. It doesn’t state on the box whether it has a matt finish or a more dewy one, but I personally felt like it had a matt finish. So how long did it stay on? I wore this for about a solid 12 hours, and it stayed pretty solid, it didn’t smudge or transfer onto clothes or my hands. The only thing I didn’t like about this is the fact that I felt it was extremely hard to blend. It was not like your typical liquid foundation, where you wear can buff it in with a buffing brush. The best way to blend this is using a beauty blender and bounce it all around the skin, to get an even coverage. 

Did it work as a concealer?

I have to be quite frank on this one, the foundation is full coverage, it did conceal any imperfections I had on the rest of my face. But because it had a full coverage, and although it feels and looks pretty light and airy, it was thick to use under my eyes. Plus I personally like to have bright under eyes, so using a lighter concealer is my preference. 

The Price & Number Of Uses

  • $35 Canadian Dollars 
  • $26.29 US Dollars
  • $34.67 Australian
  • 20.97 British lbs

The Number of uses

This lasted me about 2 and a half months ( again it depends on how often you wear your foundation, and how generously you coat your face)

It contains 30 ml or 1 FL.OZ of liquid product per bottle. 

Press here for online purchase.


I will admit this, no two foundations are exactly the same because all foundations are formulated differently. To be the closest drugstore foundation to this one has to be the Maybelline Fit Me Matt and Poreless Foundation. But as a warning, my Maybelline wasn’t as long wearing as this one.  

I hope you enjoyed reading this review; again just as a final disclaimer, this is all based on my personal experience and my own opinion.

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