The Best Foundation Application


I love foundation! I think it has the potential to make anyone feel so glamorous in their own skin. I have tried so many different brands and so many different shades. If you know me you also know I am a research junkie, I spend hours and hours every single day researching, reading articles, reading reviews (hence why I love writing reviews so much). And I am proud to say that I have compiled the best tips and tricks for a banging foundation game! 

Tip Number 1 – Prep till you drop.

2017-04-16 14.00.59

According to Bella Hadid’s makeup artist (and everyone in the world) if you have great looking skin your entire makeup will look on point. But let’s be real here, if we could, we’d all have great skin, and let’s give ourselves some credit and say we are still in the process of getting  Bella Hadid’s skin. So the question is, what can you do if you don’t have a model’s airbrushed skin, or if you do? Prep your skin. This has to be one of the most important when it comes to foundation. Starting with a freshly cleansed face, spray some toner ( I personally use the Eu Roma water from lush), to get the skin ready for what’s about to come. But most importantly your face has to be cleaned properly before applying anything on top. After that, apply a serum, something that is gentle and that will wake your skin up. Apply your moisturizer and let your skin drink up the hydration for a couple of minutes before applying the primer. And voala, your skin is ready for the next phase, the foundation.


Oil, the hack that changes the game!

2017-06-04 04.46.37

Is there something that oils can’t do? besides scare people with oily skin away. I have oily skin, and I say it loud and proud because this means that my skin will age at a mildly slower pace, so for all my oily skinned girls out there, oily skin is not something to be embarrassed off! Okay so this is a hack that I learned a while back and it is one of those things that once you learn how to do properly, you can never go back to not using it. Yes, I know you already moisturized your skin, and yes you can use this instead of a moisturizer. But the purpose of oil, in this case, is not moisturize your face, it is to add glow and life into your foundation. Using a facial oil, apply a tiny drop directly onto your face( so you don’t waste any product) and then massage it using downward strokes onto your face using your fingers. Make sure you apply a very little amount, just enough to very lightly cover your face without making it look greasy. This will change the way your foundation looks tremendously, I promise! Just know which oils are okay to use for your skin type, I personally prefer the Maracuja oil from Tarte, it seems to do the job perfectly, but whatever oil of your preference will do just fine. 

Application the most vulnerable of all 

On to the most important part of making your foundation look flawless and give the effect of “your skin but better”. Let’s be honest, brush streaks on our face isn’t a look we really crave for. The problem here is that we tend to apply too much foundation, and that’s why our skin & foundation is left looking like a bad paint job. The key to a perfect looking base is dotting the foundation all over your face instead of squirting it on from the bottle straight to your face. Pump a tiny bit of your liquid foundation on the back of your hand, and using your finger lightly dot it all over your face. Using a flat stippling brush start to blend it all away into your skin in a downwards motion, if you feel like you need to add a little bit more repeat the step, just remember sometimes, less is more. I know we all feel tempted to paint foundation on our skin, but I promise the results with this technique will make your foundation look so much more like skin. Then using a damp beauty blender, bounce the foundation into the skin.

Touch Up

2017-04-23 03.28.06


Alright, time for concealer, and not under the eyes. I feel like for so many years a lot of my friends, along with myself neglected the power of concealer and just believed too much in the power of foundation. If you suffer from pigmentation or scarring, concealer is your best choice to keep them from showing through your foundation throughout the day.Grab a thick creamy concealer and dot it over the areas where you need it, then use a beauty blender to blend it out.If you feel like your foundation needs a little more blending I suggest doing the following. Grab your beauty blender, and dampen it a little with water under the water faucet, squeeze any excess water out, and begin to very lightly and gently tapping it all over your skin. Doing this will blend your concealer in place and will remove any excess foundation off your skin. 

Powder if necessary

2017-06-09 19.31.40

Powder is that tool that can lock your makeup in all day, but too much of it can cake your skin up.I do powder areas where I feel is necessary, but if you don’t need it, don’t do it! I don’t powder my entire face, except if I’m going for that overall matt look or I’m using powders to contour.Usually, I just dust a little on my forehead, nose and around my nose, the places where I get oily. Again, if you are like me and feel like sometimes you get carried away, try to stay away from powders and use setting sprays instead.

Set, Spray & Fan

2017-06-09 19.30.04

This step is optional and it is usually the very last step before you get off your makeup chair. I personally love setting sprays, it just brings the whole look together. Just make sure you spray at safe distance so that you are not drowning afterward. Then this is the most crucial step of all, as your face is still moist, begin to fan your face. This is a trick that I learned from Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, that went viral. And Your face is ready!

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