Mask Mondays

Mask Mondays is a series here on my blog that reviews a different mask every Monday, pretty straight forward am I right? For this week’s Mask Mondays I am going to review something a little out of the basic skin care lines that I usually write about. This is a brand that I haven’t heard of before, but I decided to take the risk and try it out anyways.

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As soon as I got this face mask pack, I began researching about this brand. Thr more I researched the more positive reviews appeared. Naisture is a Korean brand, and pretty much everyone on this planet knows that Korean skincare lines are one of the top skincare lines in the world. So let’s jump straight into the review.

The Purpose of the purchase

Just recently I mentioned that I have been having an allergic reaction to something, I now came to the conclusion it is a change in my diet that threw my hormones all out of wack, but although the main source of the breakout was internal, I knew that I had to deal with it externally as well. As I mentioned before, treating a reaction like an acne breakout will result in an even worse situation than the one at hand, so the key is to look for calming ingredients. So naturally when I saw the words “soothe and calm” I was instantly drawn in. And soon enough it was in my cart and now sitting on my Vanity.

The Product Ingredients & The Review

To clarify this is a sheet mask, which is a one-time use only. But the box comes with five separate sheet masks, which is pretty generous in my opinion. The active ingredients are  1) Tea Tree Oil & Tea Tree Extract, perfect for treating breakouts due to their antibacterial qualities. AHA also was known as Alpha Hydroxy Acid best known for being a chemical exfoliant and promoting cell turn over. Hazel Extract, Licorice Extract, Herb Extract all which are also known to be anti-inflammatory and containing antibiotic ingredients. Hyaluronic acid, talk about a youth generating ingredient and finally Panthenol & Trehalose.

I applied the mask after cleansing my face at night and I decided to let it sit on my skin for about twenty minutes ( I cheated on this one) and then after removing the mask, allowed for the ingredients to absorb into my skin. Usually, if I do this on daily basis, I would wash my face after removing the mask and go on with my night time routine, but because I was testing this out, I decided to let the ingredients soak up my skin overnight.

The Morning After,

I woke up the next morning and felt that overall my skin was soothed and calmed down. The breakouts from the reaction all turned into whiteheads (gross I know, but it’s a step closer to clear skin). My skin felt smooth and calm. Calm is the only word that comes to mind when thinking of this mask. Is it Good Genes by Sunday Riley? Of course not, but it also isn’t for $200, so for what you pay it’s a pretty good deal.

The Price & Number of Uses

A single box comes with 5 sheet masks, each pack of sheet mask contains 22ml and sheet mask itself is made from 100% pure cotton

The price for a single box on

$ 9.99 Canadian Dollars$7.28 US Dollars

$7.28 US Dollars

$9.86 Australian Dollars

5.63 British lb

Click Here To Purchase

Hope You enjoyed this quick Mask Monday review, next week I will be reviewing a high-end brand so stay tuned!

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Have a beautiful Day!

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