May Shoe Pieces

I just want to put this out there right now, I LOVE SHOES. If anything I am quite the avid shoe collector. Shoes can make or break a look, can dress up or dress down a look, you see where I am going with this. So this month, I added five new pieces to my cherished collection (please don’t be turned off by the term “pieces” because these are probably one of the cheapest finds yet!) Without further due, let’s get to it.

These pair of Adidas sneakers are the perfect pair to wear for a casual day out. I wear these when I am out running some errands or when I  know I am going to be walking a lot, like going out for ice cream and a walk on the lake. They are so comfortable and have a sponge padding which makes walking in them feel like you are floating on a cloud (so extra, but it’s true!). I think these are a staple in my closet just because there are some outfits that require that extremely casual pair of sneakers that I don’t wear to for a workout.

Adidas Sneakers
Adidas Sneakers

Next Up we have these extremly extra pair of bootie heels that are surprisingly so comfortable. I got this on a bid on eBay, for $20! Can you imagine these black velvet bootie heels that look like they were stolen from Kim Kardashian’s closet for $30? I love them and these are definitely a pair that you can wear with a pair of black jeans and plain top or a dress for a night out. Again you can dress it up or dress it down.

Velvet Lace Up Bootie Heels

Are you ready for this find? Because I love this one more than the one before. I got these pair of strappy black heels for $30 and the second find is for half of  (it was a buy one get one half off kind of deal.) I love these pair and I have already worn them a couple of times now. But one thing to know is that they are not super comfortable as the one before. But they look like they are a steve madden purchase, spoiler alert they are from ARDENE! I have a friend who got the same pair that looks the exact same (probably a bit more comfortable) for $90. This is definitely a find.

Strappy Back Pair
Strappy Black Pair

Spring is screaming GLADIATOR SANDALS. These are the most basic yet the most worn sandals I own. They are so comfortable and work with literally every spring outfit imaginable, well almost every spring outfit imaginable. They are a pretty neutral beige nude, with a more matte latex texture. When I wore them with a pair of shorts or a cutout maxi skirt I do tie them all the way up, with the straps reaching under my knees. And I sometimes wrap them several times around my ankles and pair them with a cute pair of cutout jeans and a white tank.  These finds are from Pull & Bear, and I got them for around $45.

Beige Gladiator Heels

Hope you found some inspiration all! Please follow my blog, I post daily!

5 replies to “May Shoe Pieces

  1. Love those booties! I know the feeling of being a shoe addict – I’ve just started this blog and I know there’ll be lots of shoe posts! Love your blog xo

    Liked by 1 person

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