May Favorites

img_9575.jpgAs much as I love products and cosmetics, there are so many other things that I love and cherish. Let me rephrase that, there are so many other materialistic things that I enjoy just as much as I do with every other product I rave about on here. So here are this month’s nonbeauty favorites, I hope you all enjoy this post as I did writing it!

The Book of May


You Are A Badass (How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life) by Jen Sincero 

This has been on my reading list since the montJanuarynuary, but I just recently got around to reading this after finish my University finals. I am Big on self-help books if anything they are probably my favorite genre of books, for the sole reason of that those type of books always seems to motivate and bring out the best thoughts in me. This book, in particular, was speaking to me in all different measures. It came in the perfect timing in my life. It is mainly a book that will guide into perceiving yourself in a positive light, encourage you to follow your dreams and help you find your calling. I know you’re rolling your eyes right now thinking, who even believes this BS. But I promise you, when you read these type of books or any type of book for that matter, you will always come out a winner, you will know things you didn’t know prior to reading the book and I can guarantee it will help motivate you a little.

May Favourite Starbucks Drink 

Iced Cinamon Almond Macchiato


I do this almost every single month but this month’s favorite Starbucks drink is Cinamon Almond Macchiato ( I usually get mine iced). If you have a sweet tooth like I do and you like cinnamon this drink is the one for you. I say try it and judge for yourself.

Polaroid Camera

Instax Mini 8 Polaroid Camera


It is the perfect time of the year to take polaroids so you can hang them around your room or store them in a memory box. Since everything is so digital nowadays, it is nice to have something physical, that can’t be deleted within seconds, a memory that could stay even if God forbid you lose your phone or your phone gets formatted. That’s why I included this, in May’s Favourites. I got this is a gift from a friend a while back and for some weird reason, I still only wait around for spring/summer to use it.

May’s Lit Up Candle

Sea Shore Breeze by Indigo Scents


OMG! If you don’t live in Canada and you can’t get your hands on these candles I am going to cry for you and then pray that you can get around to lighting one of these candles. This month’s favorite new scented candle is this from the new candle line in Indigo Bookstore, this is the PERFECT spring scent, and it makes your room/house smell like a subtle hint of floral explosion. I can’t get enough!

Favorite place to go to this month

I just recently moved out of University Residence, which means no more loud dormitory nights, and hello to cute coffee shops in downtown Toronto. I have to admit I am a sucker for coffee shops all year round  (even though I am not a coffee drinker). I recently discovered the coziest coffee shop, that serves food and has fairy lights! I believe you should take one day a month to take your favorite book and unplug in a coffee shop away from the world.

Favorite Lesson Learned this month

I learned this month the very first steps into adulthood, remember that song Taylor Swift recorded called “Never Grow Up”? Probably not because it is one of these songs she sang before she became a pop star. Anyways, I feel like at a certain age we are so eager to take on the world, but the second we do, we quickly feel like retreating back to the cocoon we call home. But don’t. Growing up can be hard, adulthood comes with a lot of responsibilities and a lot of things to sit on your back and nag you. This is for an entirely different post. But my point is, I learned that no matter how hard it is to be on your own, to live in an apartment and hustle to pay rent, this is all making you and shaping you into becoming your own. You are the only you that will ever be, so enjoy the process even if it can be a pretty hectic and lengthy one because it is a huge part of growing up.

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