50 Shades Of Pastel – Tops Edition

I am so excited to be posting this and starting this series on my blog. Every week I will be posting six pieces I wore throughout the week. Hopefully, soon enough I will start doing full outfits, just when I have the perfect set up. So in this blog post, I will show you the six tops I wore this week and how you can style each top differently. Pastel and nudes are really in this spring and summer. Although spring was always known for vibrant colors, neutral, calm colors are the one that are


The Denim Dream

2017-05-20 07.20.39

Fashion trends are starting to repeat themselves, and recently everything from the nineties is starting to get back into trend. Denim, in particular, is so in now adays it is in almost every shop you will shop at. This is a top from Blue Notes, yes BLUE NOTES, that I bought a while ago. Other than the fact that it is so affordable, it is just the right shade to make my tan pop. I wore this on Monday when we went out for a walk on the lake and some yummy ice cream on a sunny day. I paired this blouse with a pair of knee-length beige trousers and converse with a cross bag. P.S I also wore a red lip that day too. Because I got this a while back here are some links of dupes.

The closest dupe I found was from Urban Outfitters Click here to purchase

The 14th Shade of Gray


2017-05-20 07.22.04

This is a basic of the shoulder blouse. I have to say this is a midway cropped top that hangs just on my belly button. You can style this as an off the shoulder blouse, or just wear the sleeves normally. I wore this with a pair of high waisted jeans, black sandals, and a cute dainty necklace. You can find this at Ardene for only $16!

Click here to purchase

Sail Away Top

2017-05-20 07.26.42

This shirt screams summer and ice cream! This is one of the cutest shirts to wear on summer. It is a cropped, off the shoulder top with baby blue and white stripes. The color itself suits with so many different colors, you can wear this with a pair of shorts and sandals or with high waisted black pants, or with a pair of jeans as well. I personally pulled this off with a high waisted pair of black pants, a pair of black sandals and a cross bag to pull the whole look together. I also threw on a pair of sunglasses and put my hair up in a bun and I was ready to hit the mall.  I got this shirt from Zara, and I think they still have it in stock but if they don’t I will leave links to similar styled tops below!


Satin and Simple

2017-05-20 07.27.51

This is a two piece set, some of these styled shirts come with a built-in shirt, but these were two separate pieces that came together. This style of shirts are really in and I feel like anyone can pull this off, you can dress it up or dress it down and you can pull this off where ever you decide to go. I wore this with a pair plain black pants and cute lace up flats. Because I wore this during the day time I decided to dress it down, with my hair up in a bun and a cross bag to accessorize it with.

Click Here to purchase

Floral Lace Explosion

2017-05-20 07.28.55

This top you can literally dress up or dress down. I wore this on two separate occasions to two totally different places. The way you style your clothes can really make them look so much cuter and even chicer. I wore this for a birthday dinner I was invited to and paired it with a pair of skinny denim jeans and nude pumps and I got so many compliments on that top that day. The second time I wore this I went out for brunch and kept it casual with also a pair of jeans, cute sandals and tied my hair up in a bun. I love this shirt. I got this off of Etsy, but I am sure there are so many places you can find this in.

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