The Art of Slaying a Matt Lip


Welcome back and I hope you all have had a great weekend so far. In today’s blog post I will be covering all my trips and trick to creating the perfect creaseless matt lip finish. As you all may or may not know matt lips have been in for a while now, and it took me the longest time to accept having no shine! But after a lot of trial and errors, I mastered the art of slaying a matt lip and ensuring it stays on for a very long time. ok.

Tip 1: Exfoliate

2017-05-12 08.28.42

The problem with matt lipsticks is that they can be a bit drying on your lips and sometimes it feels like the lipstick accentuates every crease on your lips. The key to getting a nice smooth velvet finish is to have a smooth even surface, to begin with. Exfoliating is the key to achieving that soft surface that makes it easy for your lipstick to glide on. I Exfoliate prior to starting my makeup look, while I begin to prep my skin by cleansing and moisturizing. As for what scrubs I use, I sometimes use the Victoria’s Secret Sugar lip scrub or the  Clinique Lip scrub. I also know The Body Shop carries a variety of lip scrubs. Nevertheless, I see no need in investing in a lip scrub, to begin with when I can create a great one with things I already have at home. All I need are two ingredients, olive oil or any type of oil and some sugar, mix them together and scrub my lips. On days when I want plumper fuller lips I add some cayenne peppers into the mixture. Then after scrub is on my lips I either use a specific toothbrush to scrub it off or fingers depending on what mood I am in. And Voila smooth lips here we come!

Tip 2: Balm It Up

2017-05-12 08.30.25

As usual, the step after exfoliating is moisturizing. I usually apply a lip balm before I begin my makeup routine to ensure that when I come around to applying my lipstick, my lips are moisturized and super soft. The lip balms I usually use vary, sometimes I use the Coconut Palm Lipbalm from the drugstore, other times I use my clinique lip balm or sometimes I use pure coconut oil, depending on how dry I feel my lips are that day. This step is super important if you want to have a nice, smooth, matt finish.

Tip 3: Draw the borders


 When applying a liquid lipstick it is crucial to outline the areas where your lipstick is going to be applied. For me personally having those borders drawn out, with a definition helps guide where the lipstick will go. Lip lining just helps in the overall look of the lipstick and also makes my lipstick look so much neater 

Tip 4: Stray From The Layering

I am a huge fan of layering colors because I feel like I can never find the perfect shade that matches me. But unfortunately, with matt lipsticks, layering can create that balling effect, where your lipstick becomes flaky and chunky. So for my makeup lovers out there, I advise applying only one single coat on the lips and waiting for it to dry.  That’s it, one layer of matt liquid lipstick is the key to slaying a matt lip!

Tip 5: Set Your Lips

You set your face with translucent powder why not set your lips too? This is an optional step of course, but I like to do it if I feel like my lips aren’t matt enough or that I am gonna be wearing them for a very long time. After your lipstick has dried apply a sheer tissue on your lips, dust a little translucent powder on the tissue and that will mattify my lips a little bit more and make my lipstick a lot long wearing.

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