Anti-stress Dead Sea Mineral Clay Mask

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Mask Monday Anti-stress Dead Sea Clay Mask

Hey beauties, welcome back to Mask Mondays, hope you all had an amazing weekend. In this week’s Mask Monday I am going to be reviewing the FREEMAN Dead Sea Mineral Anti-stress clay mask. I hope that I get to answer all your questions and hopefully I will cover everything you need to know about this product.

The Purpose of the purchase

I usually always look forward to the last day of finals. After my last exam, I have this tradition where I order my favorite meal, wear my fuzzy socks, throw my hair up in a bun, put a mask on and watch Breakfast At Tiffany’s. I usually go a week prior to my last exam and get some snacks, new PJs, tea, and a new scented candle for my post-exam celebration. As I was doing some of my shopping, I went into the beauty section and was looking around when the first thing that caught my eye was the term “anti-stress” on a blue bottle. I wound up buying it and putting it in the “Reward” box for the last day of exams.  Knowing how much finals stress me out, and knowing that my skin is so demanding and always wants so much care and attention, I had no choice except to buy it.


The Product & The Review

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I picked up this mask at Walmart and it was for around $6 CAN. What gravitated me the most towards this product is its price. I know this can also be found on Amazon for $8.99 CAN. This mask is a clay mask that claims to instantly clear pores and balances the skin. It has a blue color which I personally find so cool and the smell is super refreshing. The fact that it is a clay mask means that you should Abide by the instructions and keep it on for exactly the time it states on the back, in our case, it’s about ten to fifteen minutes. One thing to keep in mind about clay masks is that they can dry your skin out if left too long. But if left for the right amount of time, it can really deep cleanse your pores and help remove any grime and impurities. The ingredients include sea salts and minerals, which can be great for waking up the skin and getting a soft, smooth finish. It also contains Lavender extract which helps in soothing aggravated skin. Another ingredient, which in my opinion is responsible for the “anti-stress” agent in the mask, is Bergamot. Bergamot is an oily substance that extracted from the rind of the fruit of a dwarf variety of the Seville orange tree. It is used in cosmetics and as flavoring in tea. As soon as I put this mask on, it felt so soothing and calming, the scent is so fresh and clean. I kept it on for fifteen minutes as instructed, when it felt dry, I went to the bathroom sink and rinsed it off. I was honestly shocked by how soothed this product left my skin. I could visibly see a cleaner complexion, my skin was left pure than before the mask. I can say that this mask to me is better than a lot of other high-end mask and I just loved it. This is my second bottle, and every time I finish my last final I put this on and play my favorite movie and unwind for the night.

Purchase & Uses

I got around a good 30 uses from this entire bottle

It contains 175 ml / 6fl.oz of product.

Click here for the purchase.

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See you in tomorrow’s blog!

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