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Welcome back to my blog! A while ago I went to NYX and decided to pick up a couple of things from there. I waited for a while to do this blog post because I wanted to try all the products before I write a full review about them. I, have to be honest here , I always rave about NYX because one, they are known for their cheap prices and two they don’t test on animals and are completely cruelty-free. Without further due let’s get into this huge review!

NYX Matte Bronzer


Let’s start with the most important makeup product for summer! This is the NYX Matte Finish bronzer in the shade Deep Cool Brown. I know for this range there are several colors that suit a wide range of different skin tones. This, as the title states, is matte bronzer that doesn’t contain any shimmer. I personally prefer a matte bronzer on my face, because I like to control where my highlight goes. I feel like sometimes with Illuminating bronzers, it can be quite inconsistent on my skin and a bit glittery for the day time. So this bronzer held up pretty well in my opinion, and the shade matched perfectly above my foundation. Oh, and the most exciting part is that’s it was for only $11!

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NYX HD Eyeshadow Base


Next up we have this eyeshadow base, aka in our world, eye shadow primer. Having a good base for your eyeshadow is crucial for long wearing eyeshadow look and it also can contribute to making the eyeshadow application a lot easier. I usually use Shadow Insurance by Too Faced or I just use my Mac Prolong Wear Concealer. The bottom line is I always have an eyeshadow base for my eyeshadow to sit on. So I thought I would give this a shot and see how good it holds up. The first thing I realized when I put this on is that it has a thin consistency, which means your eyeshadow is less likely to ball up and stick to the creases.  This primer also has a doe foot applicator, which makes the application a lot easier. I have to admit, when I wore my eye look that day, it lasted me for a very long time and held up pretty well. Whether it’s the eyeshadow itself or the primer is yet unknown, but I believe this primer played a huge role.


Matte Finish Setting Spray

Personally, my makeup look is never complete without something to bring the entire look together and lock in all my makeup to ensure a long lasting finish. But the truth is I am a more dewy, glowy, look type of gal. But I decided to give this a go anyway and see what will happen if I opt for a more matt finish and also if I use this with highlighter beneath.So, I first tried this after one of those days where I had a matt look on, with no highlighter and extremly matt finish I sprayed this all over and called it a day. I didn’t feel like my makeup stayed on for so much longer that particular day, but what I noticed was that my foundation didn’t cake up one bit. I am so used to my matt look to become powdery after a while, but with this on, my foundation looked like skin on my skin. When I applied this on top of a dewy finish, with highlighter underneath, it surprisingly made my highlighter pop a bit but the rest of the face looked matte and oil free. I loved this setting spray but overall I love my Urban Decay All Nighter a bit more.

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Dewy Finish Setting Spray

I picked this up because this bottle kept yelling at me from the shelf, telling me that if I bought her, I would have the best J-LO glow ever. No, I’m just kidding, but that is the image I had in my head when I saw the word “dewy”. Even though I have a bit of an oily skin, I still love a fresh dewy look. In my opinion, two things make the best glowy foundation look, the first the highlighter and the second is the setting spray, or both of them together. I always opt for a dewy look, but I also mattify the rest of my face. In simple words, I like to choose where my glow should go. This did that for me. As soon as I sprayed this on my face, not only did it bring the entire look together but it made my highlight pop! I loved it! But just as the Matt Finish Setting Spray this didn’t have a great impact on making my foundation last longer.

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NYX Lid Lingerie


This is the Nyx Lid Lingerie eyeshadow palette the most basic eyeshadow palette you will need. This will come in handy for so many different eye looks and for so many different occasions. It has six matte shades, all extremely pigmented and just gorgeous. If you are someone who is new to makeup and needs a cheap palette that has the basic colors this eyeshadow palette is for you. I do plan on doing a full review on this with swatches later that week!

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Another palette, what can I say I can’t help myself. This palette contains sixteen different eyeshadow shades, seven of them are matt, while the other are slightly shimmery. This is an extremely versatile palette, in my opinion, containing almost every color you need for a glam look or even a neutral look. I know I will be reaching out for this a lot this summer, especially when I know I have an occasion at night where I might want a sultry, smokey look.

I tried looking for this on their website but I couldn’t find the shadow box. I know they might have a couple stocked in the actual store.

Nyx Slim Lip Pencils


Is it a NYX haul if I don’t buy a billion different lippy shades? The shades I got are kinda out there and is beyond a lot of people’s comfort zone. Nyx lip liners, in general, are just great, a bit creamy and extremely long lasting. Other than the obvious pinks and peaches, I got a navy blue and a brown shade, that I like to apply on my lid before smudging it out to create a more pigmented smokey eye. As for the purple, I see myself wearing this as an eyeliner to make my brown eyes pop, I might wear this eye look with a white shirt airy summer blouse and two romantic half braids.

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Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade Cairo


This is a solo, I just picked this one up because the one I had previously was completely finished. I liked the color a lot, even though their matte lipsticks are not my favorite consistency, I like to blot this a bit over any lipstick if I want to make it a bit lighter. This is in the shade Cairo, and I love the color. As for the lip cream, I personally don’t feel it’s that pigmented, but I still love almost everything NYX’s line has.

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    1. I just love it, because I feel like I don’t mind drowning in it, because it’s not super expensive! As for the matt I tried it twice and I have a friend that works at NYX that swears by it! Thanks for you feedback girl!


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