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Hey, beauties welcome back to my blog! In this blog post, I am going to review the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. As you guys may or may not know, I love trying out different foundations. Because I truly believe that beautiful makeup starts with flawless skin.

Purpose of the purchase

Last summer I went on an island destination vacation and got a really dark tan. When I came back none of my foundations matched me anymore because I was way too tan. Initially, I wanted to get the Marc Jacobs re(marc)able full coverage foundation, but they told us it was out of stock. At the time I was with a bunch of my girlfriends and we all decided to try something new. One of the ladies working at Sephora mentioned that the Gorgio Armani was a great foundation, with a natural finish. What can I say? How can I resist the terms “luminous silk”? So I just went ahead and bought it, and decided to try something new.

The Review

When I first tried on this foundation, I really wasn’t sure if I applied it the proper way. It had a thin consistency and my skin underneath was showing. Which is totally fine if I had perfect, clear skin but at the time my skin was reacting badly to all the sun damage, and there was a tad of pigmentation on there that I was hoping this foundation could cover. Unfortunately, it didn’t really cover much, but it had a beautiful consistency. It looked like skin on my skin. I knew at that time that I would totally wear this if I wanted a very natural daytime foundation and if I had the skin for it, which I didn’t. So I wind up giving it to my mom, and man can I tell you, my mom’s skin looked flawless! I don’t know if this foundation suits mature skin more, or my mom simply has flawless skin (granted she does), but this foundation had to be one of the most beautiful I have seen on her. So I just gave it to her, and went back to Sephora and got the Too Faced Born This Way (that’s for another blog post). Moral of the story this foundation isn’t a full coverage, it’s a more “your skin but better” sort of look. If you are looking for an airbrushed flawless Instagram model foundation look, this foundation is not the one. But if you have clear skin, and you just want an enhancer, this might be just the one for you. Another thing I kind of didn’t love about this foundation is the extremely strong scent it has. I personally prefer my foundation without a scent. But overall, I would really recommend this for mature skin, because it is not thick and won’t sit in any fine lines on the face. Another thing to note about this foundation is that it is long wearing, although it is thin, it actually stays on for a good period of time.


Unfortunately, this is one of these foundations that I can’t find a dupe for. Almost everything in the drugstore has a thicker consistency. It is definitely a unique purchase.

Click here to purchase


30 ml 1 FL.OZ. for $68 CAN


  1. I’ve just reviewed this foundation and I think if you build up the layers it can look nice and have a good finish but it doesn’t look like that for long 😂😂 you definitely have to invest in a decent primer when wearing this x

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