June Make up Favorites


With summer literally around the corner, I picked a couple of my favourite things for this month so I can rave about. I tested a couple of new makeup products, went back to old ones, or mentioned ones that have been a staple for years! Summer we love you! Let’s jump straight into my new monthly favourite for the month of June.



I recently decided to pick up this black Chanel eyeliner, even though it was a bit pricey. I have to admit I am kind of an avid collector of high-end products, even though they might not hold up as well as the middle way brands, I personally just like to have them in my collection. But this beat all expectations! Right now I use this every single day, it is extremely pigmented and black, it’s also waterproof, extremely long wearing and so easy to apply. It is absolutely my favorite eyeliner of all time and I love it!

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Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder

2017-06-09 19.31.40

The rave I heared about this product over the past couple of months is insane! Everyone swears by this and claims that it helps prevent creasing under the eyes. So I just had to see what all the rave is about. I set my under eyes with this and my entire face as well, because it’s translucent it doesn’t leave a white cast like most of the setting powders and that’s why I loved it! It did help in preventing my concealer from creasing, not a hundred percent creaseless, but almost!

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Kylie Jenner Liquid Lip & Dior Lip Maximizer

2017-06-09 19.28.58
Kylie $29 Dior $41

Kylie Jenner’s lipsticks are just to die for! I have around 10 different shades and I can’t get enough. For this month though KOKO is my favorite, due it’s calm, light color that plays very well with my tan. I am going to do a full review on the lip kits with swatches, but I just couldn’t help but mention this one.

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Dior Lip Maximizer is pretty much my favorite lip gloss that I have tried so far. It is translucent and leaves my lips extremely plump and glossy. I pair this lipgloss with a lot of different lip combos underneath or sometimes wear it alone depending on what I am feeling that day.

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NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

2017-06-09 19.32.40

This is my baby for the upcoming summer months when the heat is hitting your skin and the sun rays are merciless on exposing every flaw. This foundation is lightweight and full coverage. It has a neutral finish, not too dewy or too matt. I personally think this is perfect for summer.

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They’re Real by Benefit2017-06-09 19.33.29

This mascara was my holy grail before I discovered Too Faced Better Than S*x. On my vacation back, I left my mascara back home and decided that I wanted to give this bad boy a go again. And I really don’t know why I switched? This mascara makes my lashes look long, luscious and voluminous, its only downside is that I always wined up poking myself in the eye when applying this, for some reason.

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Tarte 12- hour Amazonian Clay Blusher2017-06-09 19.35.102017-06-09 19.35.33

Summer screams blusher, and for this month I just wanted to rave about this blusher because it truly is one of my favorites. It has been my go to for quite sometime now. This Tarte Blush in shade Peachy Nude is super pigmented and gives my cheeks just the right glow I need.

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MAC Prep & Prime Fix Plus2017-06-09 19.30.04

This is a staple that never leaves my vanity. I really don’t know what it is about this product that makes my powder and foundation mold together and always ends up making my highlighter pop. This is my all time favorite setting spray so far. And it is totally worth every penny.

NYX Ultimate Ombre Palette2017-06-09 19.27.49

The baby that I mentioned in my NYX haul came through for me. Other than the fact that it is so affordable and contains 16 colors, this palette is so versatile. You can use the shadows for a daytime look, or a night time look, it has the shimmers and the matts and it is extremely pigmented.

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