This Week’s Staples

Velour False Mink Lashes Fluff n’ Whispy

2017-04-23 03.23.38

Lashes can literally transform your entire eye look and make your eyes stand out. I tried so many different falsies, but these bad boys had a special place in my heart. I waited a couple of months to buy these because of their hefty price tag. But let me tell you they were worth it! These Velour Lashes are a bit dramatic but other than the fact that they are so easy to put on, they are long wearing as well. Although these lashes were expensive they lasted me around 15 uses, of course, that’s because I took care of them and stored them properly. They are my fav pair hands down!

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Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer

2017-04-23 03.28.06

I got these concealers a while back and decided to use them, one to cover any blemishes and the other as under eye concealer. I have to admit it wasn’t my favorite under eye concealer but I am obsessed with it for covering any blemishes on the skin. Because it’s lightweight and full coverage it covers the blemishes while still allowing you to look like you have nothing on! I love it!

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2017-04-27 19.15.48
Brow Wiz – $27 Pomade-$23

If you love makeup you definitely know that Anastasia has the best brow product line ever! I am not a huge fan of thick brows that’s why I prefer to use the Brow Wiz to full in any sparce areas. But I occasionally use the Brow Polmade to out line my brows and give them a nice, even and precise defintion. Anastasia has the best brow products ever in my opinion.

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