Favourite Summer Blushers


2017-06-18 20.08.56

Hey, beauties and welcome back to my blog, or welcome to my blog if this is your first time here. In today’s blog post I decided to show you all my favorite summer time blushers. In my opinion, nothing compliments a tan better than some blush to get the skin looking glowy and healthy. In order to know what my favorite summertime blushers are, keep reading!

Marc Jacobs Bold Blush in shades 206 Reckless Shameless

2017-06-18 19.58.45

2017-06-18 20.00.01-1
Reckless Shameless

This is my favorite out of the bunch, it is by mark jacobs and it has little spectacles of highlight in there which really brings forth the glow, and gives a very natural, dewy finish.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushers

2017-06-18 20.00.28

2017-06-18 20.00.53
Captivating & Paaarty

The Amazonian Clay was released around a year ago, during summer time. This collection was precisely made for the summer heat and the sun rays, which brings me to my second favorite blushers, by Tarte. Paaarty is the sample sized one that I received as a birthday gift from Sephora, it has more a neutral mauve/ pink finish. While Capivating is the full sized one that also comes with a mirror and has a very matte, very pigmented peachy finish.

Sephora Blusher in shade Romantic Rose

2017-06-18 20.01.11

2017-06-18 20.01.34

The underdog and perhaps the most underrated brand is Sephora. Sephora has extremely affordable makeup, and the products are just amazing! This blusher is more pink than it appears to be in the image, it is pigmented, matt and compliments my skin even in the winter.

M.A.C Powder Blush in shade Cubic

2017-06-18 20.04.09
2017-06-18 20.04.22

This was my first M.A.C blushes ever. And till this day this holds a special place in my heart, it is not extremely pigmented but it has the perfect amount of pigment to give the skin a very even, matt, flush.

Benefit Cosmetics Hervana

2017-06-18 20.03.242017-06-18 20.03.57

There was a time when everyone was raving about this blusher, along with the Hoola Bronzer that was realized with this one. This blusher has shades of pink, mauve, and peach all swirled into this perfect package, that lasted me for around three years now. This does have a bit of shimmer to it but it is barely noticeable.

Too Faced Long Lasting 16-hour Blush  Shade Baby Love

2017-06-18 20.02.102017-06-18 20.02.51

I didn’t want to show you the insides of this one because it is completely empty to the pan. Which means that I was obsessed with this color for the summer time, this is the perfect “I tanned at the beach today” type of blusher, it’s matte and gives the skin more of a sun burnt look which looks amazing with a tan on.

Physicians Formula

2017-06-18 20.05.002017-06-18 20.05.18

Finally bringing you a drug store product that has stood by yours truly through thick and thin. This blusher is very pigmented and also very shiny on the skin. I don’t feel the need to wear highlighter when I wear this. It serves as both. It’s also extremely pigmented and just beautiful!

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