Favourite L’oreal Summer Shades


L’oreal Paris Lipstick Swatches

L’oreal was always one of my very favourite drugstore brand, we can’t deny the fact that they have some of the best foundations and lipsticks in the drugstore market. So I couldn’t help but to dedicate a quick blog post for these three special babies in my lip collection! These bright L’oreal lippies have a bit of a shine to them and in my opinion look best with a lip liner for defintion. Starting from the left going inward we have L’oreal Lipstick in the shade 882, which is the brightest of the group. L’oreal 882 is a bright pink cherry color, is that color that will bring attention straight to your pout. And what better color than a bright cherry pink to pair with your summer tan? Next, we have my personal favorite drugstore nude ever, L’oreal 453 Rose Creme. This color is everything, and for the longest time, I actually contemplated doing an entire blogpost about it. It is a perfect feminine light pink, that has the perfect amount of shine, that doesn’t make your lips look chappy or dry. I feel like this color compliments a lot of different skin tones, has the perfect shine and again is extremely affordable! The third and final L’oreal lipstick is unfortunately discontinued or repackaged I am not sure. But who cares because of course I found something extremely similar and A LOT more pigmented, that is also from L’oreal! Ladies and gentlemen I present to you, L’oreal Lipstick in shade 712 Matte Mandate, this shade screams summertime, although you can rock it all year round, I find that summer is the perfect time to wear this color, because it looks amazing with my tan, paired with a white outfit, and a pair of cute sunnies, it is the perfect summer formula!



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