July Nonbeauty Favourites

The heat of July has truly inspired me to try out a lot of nonbeauty related items. I seriously can’t fathom that summer is almost over, and in two weeks time, I will finally begin preparing for ‘Back to School’ posts. Summer is probably one of my favorite seasons ever (disclaimer I say this about every single season). So without any further due let’s jump straight into my non-beauty favorites for the month of July!

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

2017-08-05 16.04.16

I personally don’t really believe in “firming” creams, but for some reason, the scent of this lingered and I decided to give it a go. This has to be one of my all time favorite body creams ever! Although it’s a cream for the bum, I personally lather it all over my body. Why? Because it smells like I am in a tropical garden, and to be very frank with you, it did firm my skin up a little. Of course, I didn’t see a dramatic transformation, because that all depends on my lifestyle, but nevertheless, it was a great body moisturizer that left my skin soft, and glowy!

David’s Tea Detox and Nut tea

2017-08-05 16.12.08

Is it really summer if you don’t indulge in an iced beverage by the pool? I know that in my previous non-beauty favorites I included favorite Starbucks drink of the month. But this month I decided to switch things up a little bit all the while saving up. I started making my own iced tea at home first thing in the morning. Not only was it healthier, but it also helped me save up. I usually drink the “Forever Nuts” in the morning and “Organic Detox” after my lunch and they are both so satisfying. I get my tea from David’s Tea, a pretty popular Tea shop here in Toronto.

Coconut Follow Your Dreams Candle

2017-08-05 16.14.17

Candles set the vibe wherever you are, but scented candles take the atmosphere to a whole new level. Every single month I indulge in new a scented candle, depending on the season and the month. Summer to me smells like coconut and tanning oil, and this is exactly what this candle smells like. It actually smells like a baked coconut cupcake. This smells so delicious and I got it for only $3 from a random bookstore I went to.

Sea Island Cotton Body lotion

2017-08-05 16.08.44

Four words, Bath & Body Works! I literally don’t feel like myself without these lotions, I mean it! This is my favorite summer scent, it smells so fresh and clean, and the scent literally lingers on for the longest time. I slather the lotion on, around twice a day, every day, and the fact that it has Shea and Vitamine E makes my skin smooth!

5 replies to “July Nonbeauty Favourites

  1. Mine too, Summer is one of my fave months, i’m a summer baby, sad to see it’s ending soon. I am with you i’m not a believer in ‘firming cream’ neither am i keen on anything that says ‘anti aging’ i know a lot of people will disagree with me, but i stay clear of those products! I’ve heard about the bum bum cream never tried it.Loved your picks sweetie, awesome..xo

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    1. I totally agree with you, I feel like they can be a waste of money sometimes, but I heard so much about it that I couldn’t resist but to try it! I am so honored you commented on my blog, I love love love yours! Thank you


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