Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Review

In today’s blog post I am finally bringing you the Kylie Jenner Lipkits review. It honestly took me some time to finally get around and do a quick post about them. I hope you enjoy reading this blog post!

To start off, a general thing that stood out for me in those lip kits are how beautifully they settle into the lips, without feeling a tad dry on the lips. I also love the cupcake scent they have to them which is a great bonus, and they are extremely long wearing too1


2017-08-07 12.22.19

This color is not something I would wear on daily basis, but with the right outfit and makeup look, I think anyone can pull this off. It’s more of a dark plum shade than a purple shade. I believe this is a beautiful color for the fall and winter time and I can’t wait to wear this more often. This is truly pigmented, so one swipe will definitely do.


2017-08-07 12.23.11

Again a bold yet beautiful bright color. 22 is one of those colors that is definetly on the bolder, edgier side than the rest of the colors I am reviewing today. I can see myself wearing this with an all white out fit or even pulling this off in the fall time with a neutral beige or same colored shirt. Again this is very pigmented, but I don’t believe this will look flattering on every skin tone, just because of it’s undertones that maybe too bright and bring out the sallowness in the skin.


2017-08-07 12.22.41

I love this color so much, and I think it’s a perfect shade that can be wearable on daily basis. It is more on the pink side than the nude, which makes it perfect for summer. I love how it help up, and again THE SCENT! It didn’t dry my lips whatsoever and stayed on for a very long time, by far my favorite out of the rest.


2017-08-07 12.23.53

This is a beautiful neautral, beige color. It can be worn with literally any makeup look you want. This is definitely a gorgeous color, suitable for all occasions and can be worn daily basis. Again this s more beige look than the rest of the bunch, but is defintley one of my favs!


2017-08-07 12.23.31

Posie K is Kylie Jenner’s favorite out of the bundle, so I definitely felt obliged to try it on. I love this color because it’s a bit on the neutral side, and it leans more towards a darker mauve shade than pink. I believe this is a universal shade that suits all skin tones and can look different on everyone.

All in all the lip kits are beautiful! Kylie has done an amazing job pulling them together, and I congratulate her for being able to get into the makeup industry at such a young age. They are all so beautiful and I really have nothing bad to say about any of them!

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