Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition Palette

2017-08-14 10.23.16

I am finally getting around to review this new deluxe edition Carli Bybel palette. I knew I had to get my hands on this palette as soon as it launched, only because I was on my third Carli Bybel palette. I can’t get around to say how much of a staple the original palette was ( see review here). So naturally, I decided to order the deluxe one.

Original Palette vs. Deluxe Edition Palette

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 2.06.37 PM

The new palette has 15 eye shadow shades ranging from mattes to shimmery colors and 6 beautiful highlighter shades. The same 10 eyeshadow shades that were present in the original palettes are still present in the new palette with an addition of 5 new shades. The same highlighters are also present in the new palette with an addition of two new highlighter shades a white highlighter shade a champagne gold shade.


2017-08-14 10.27.03

Top Row ( Row 1)

2017-08-14 10.31.24
Shades first row (left to right)

The colors in this row are all new colors and are also a bit autumnal.  Starting from the left there is a dark nude matte shade, orange champagne color, taupe brown leaning more toward orange, shimmery rose pink, and a rose gold color.

Middle Row (Row 2)

2017-08-14 10.32.55
Row 2 (Left to Right)

The second row as the classic Carli Bybel colors, mauves, purples and pinks. The first color also present in the old palette is a beautiful shimmery light pink color, the second is a light mauve matte shade, the third one is a matte purple shade, the fourth is a gorgeous shimmery mauve shade and the final and fifth shade in this row is a matte dark purple shade.

Bottom Row ( Row 3)

2017-08-14 10.34.02
Row 3 (Left to Right)

This row also is present in the old palette, starting with a matte light nude shade, a shimmery gold shade, a taupe matte brown shade, a shimmery dark brown shade, and a matte dark brown shade.


2017-08-14 10.26.29


Top Row ( 2 singles)

2017-08-14 10.35.56
Starting Up (Left to Right)

The first color can also be found in the original palette and it is probably one of my favorite, a champagney pink highlighter. The second one is a new gold highlighter that is so beautifully pigmented.

The last row in the palette ( 4 singles)

The first shade in the highlighted row is a shimmery white shade perfect for inner highlighting the inner corners of the eyes, the second is a light pink highlight, the third is a darker brownish gold highlight and the final one is a dark brown highlighter perfect for darker skin.

Final Thoughts On the palette

I love this palette and I think it is extremely affordable ($22.50), and I genuinely don’t have anything bad to say about it, it is a staple on my vanity and I take it with me whenever I travel too. To add on that, this palette is extremely versatile and can help you achieve so many different daytime and nighttime looks. It is beautiful and so pigmented. Congrats to the beautiful Carli Bybel on this great palette. Oh and in case you haven’t heard she is releasing her clothing line with Miss Guided this winter! Who is excited? This girl definitely is!

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