Back To School Drug Store Makeup

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I can’t believe it’s the end of August already.  School is in three weeks, which also means lot’s back to school posts and deals! Whether you are going back to school, college or work, this post despites the perfect light all drugstore makeup items! If you are looking for affordable make up that is school/work appropriate than please keep reading.

Eyes First

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For The Eyes

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For me personally, I like the main focus to be on my skin, so I play it down with the eye makeup. The makeup brands I personally chose for this look are Maybelline and L’oreal.

Maybelline Eyestudio Black Liner

I love this liner so much! It’s truly one of the blackest eye liners I have used and is very easily compared to the Chanel liner that I own. I believe this is my favourite drugstore liner of all-time! It’s long wearing and extremly pigmented, and if you’re looking for something that will last in your makeup kit for years then give this a go.

Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Palette

This palette is not my all time favorite but the fact that it comes with 12 different eyeshadow shades with lot’s of neutrals, shimmers, and basic colors, makes me love it a lot. If you are just getting into makeup and you want an affordable palette where you can experiment a lot of different looks, especially natural, I recommend investing in this palette.

L’oreal Volume Million Excess Lashes

If you want the best drugstore mascaras out there then L’oreal is going to be the brand you are looking at. This mascara makes your eyelashes long and thick and is extremely long wearing. The wand has a lot of tiny sharp bristell’s that makes using this on your bottom lashes so easy.

Most Natural Glowy Skin

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Skin is probably my main focus in every makeup look, but especially if I am going somewhere in the day time whether it’s college or work. I want someothing that looks very natural and feels light on my skin.

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer

I can’t say enough about this primer. I have tried so many high-end primers that didn’t compare to how good this one was. This primer smoothness my skin like no other did, it’s creamy and very hydrating but does mattify the skin a little. On days where I don’t feel like wearing foundation, I apply this on my skin and leave the house more confident than ever.

Rimmel BB Cream Radiance

I know sometimes wearing a lot of makeup to school can be frowned upon. But as long as you are doing what makes you feel best in your skin you shouldn’t really care what anyone thinks. Sometimes you just want that extra coverage, but you also want your skin to look like skin. BB creams are perfect to achieve a more natural subtle look. This BB cream has the perfect amount of coverage and leaves your skin looking supernatural and glowy.

Elf Undereye Concealer & Highlighter

Would it be a drugstore make up look without the infamous cruelty-free Elf? This is my favorite drugstore concealer and it’s extremely light weight. On one end you get a concealer and on the other end, you get a highlighter. Applying a tiny amount of liquid highlighter to your cheeks will help you achieve a very summery summer glow.

Sheen glow for the Lips

2017-08-17 08.41.48

Finally, for school lipsticks, I like to choose a more creamy, sheen formula than a matt lip just because it will feel more comfortable wearing it all day long and also look a lot more natural than a gloss or a matt lip. Rimmel in shade, Elf in shade and Babylips lip balm by Rimmel.

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