5 Back To School Tops

Hello my loves and welcome back to another blog post. With summer coming to an end and school being just around the corner, I wanted to do one post all about what you can wear in the first week of school. I hope you are all recharged and happy after this summer, but now it’s time to be productive again and start working towards your life goals. I won’t make this a long introduction, but I just wanted to wish you all good luck on your first days back at university, work or school! I hope you get some inspiration from this blog post!

P.S: Don’t forget most stores have an in-store discount of 15% for students and teachers!

Smocked Floral Top

2017-08-30 10.00.32

This is something that I got about a week ago from Forever21. If it’s not obvious by now Forever21 is one of my favorite stores to shop from, especially this time around. This blouse, paired with high waisted black jeans or white trousers, looks so flattering on so many different body types. I love the floral pattern, not to mention how affordable it was. If blue is not your thing, this also comes in an orange color as well.

Price is $16.95 CAD

Click Here To Purchase

Casual First Day Denim

2017-08-30 10.03.32

This is a basic look, but it is also very suitable for school. I have to say the tank top alone may not be appropriate to some for the first day of school, but throwing the denim jacket on top adds a bit of an edge and brings your look to a whole new level. Since denim is really in right now, owning a pair can be very versatile because you can wear this on a night out with a black dress and thigh high boots or just pair it with black trousers and a pair of Converse.

Grey Lace Up Sweater

2017-08-30 10.06.36

Next, we have this cute grey sweater with white lace up ribbons almost half way through the shirt. For those of you who live in a colder region, like I do, a sweater might be a good option. I would typically wear this with a pair of jeans and Converse, keeping it very casual. I got this top from Dynamite in store, for $15 CAD! It was for $35 CAD and was on sale so I couldn’t really resist.


 White Button Up Blouse

2017-08-30 10.09.20

I think at some point everyone should own a very basic white button up blouse. This one though gets tied up in a knot, but it’s not a crop top. This blouse can literally be paired with any type of trousers or even a high waisted denim skirt. I feel like something like this is not only suitable for school but it’s also very comfortable to wear, nothing is more annoying than constantly trying to adjust your clothes while sitting in class. I just love this top!


Comfy Basic and Casual

2017-08-30 10.11.08

This is a basic white tank, but this entire look revolves around the cute throw on top of the tank. This is a bit of a fall top, more than a summer one, so wearing this a bit more into September will look so lovely. The throw on is actually from Garage, which by the way has a house decor collection now, just thought I’d throw this in there. I couldn’t find it anywhere online but I believe they still carry this in their stores.

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