August Beauty Favourites

Tarte Cheek Stain


During the summer I really like having very natural, dewy looking skin. Sometimes I feel like when I put powder over my foundation, it becomes more matt than dewy, so I was on the haunt for something that will leave my skin looking glowy and natural. This stick did the job perfectly by adding a bit of color to my cheeks and still looking like it was the heat that made me blush naturally.

Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick


2017-09-03 08.51.54
Melted Peony

When I first saw Too Faced come out with these, I was a bit hesitant to try them because I was just unsure of how the shades will suit me. But this lipstick exceeded my expectations, it’s very long wearing, matte and doesn’t make my lips from looking dry. I loved the shade to, but I prefer having it as a base and then going over it with a darker color.

M.A.C Lip Liners

2017-09-03 08.53.08
Spice & Soar

First of all I want to admit that hands down, M.A.C has the best lip liners I have ever used. They last a long time, they are pencil lip liners as a posed to creamy and you can wear them all over your lips, as posed to just lining your lips with them. These shades are two universal shades that match everyone in my opinion. Spice is more neutral and darker than Soar. Soar is a bit on the dark pink side, but still looks so pretty on it’s own.

Color Pop Ultra Matte Lip


When I first heard the term “ultra-matt” I literally felt like running in the opposite direction. But then something in my head told me to swatch them, and oh dear God I loved them! These shade, in my opinion, don’t suit every single skin tone, but they are just gorgeous. The shade pigmentation is insane! And they extremly long wearing and the tube itself does last you a good period of time!

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer


I am always on the haunt for a bronzer that doesn’t make me look like a carrot. And behold my beloved friends this one was the one for me. The thing that gravitated me the most towards this bronzer is the fact that it has no shimmer, therefore it’s safe to say you can wear this in the daytime without looking like Edward Collen from Twilight. This is just so beautiful and I really reccomend trying it out.

Smash Box Photo Finish Primer

2017-09-03 09.01.48

This was rated the best primer in the world, I believe. Which made me want to try it out. To be honest with you, this line has a primer for every single skin issue you might think off, they even have a green primer for acne prone skin. But the one I got is the very basic one that everyone seems to love. This primer is oil-free. But above all the second I applied this on my skin, it felt velvety soft. It smoothed down everything and my skin look foundation ready. I have to admit this is a bit pricey for a primer, but if you are a makeup lover, like I am, you should totally give this a go.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

2017-09-03 09.04.05.jpg

5 words, best eye shadow primer ever! I kid you not this is the reason why eyeshadow stays on all day. It smooths out the lids and makes a great base for the shadow. I do recommend topping it with a bit of transulecent powder before applying the eyeshadow, but this is amazing!

LA Pro-Conceal

2017-09-03 09.01.58

This is a drugstore concealer that is worth all other expensive concealers in my opinion. Other than the fact that it is very affordable, there are a few shades in this line that you can even use the darker shade for contouring. This concealer is full coverage and light weight at the same time which I feel like would also be perfect for concealing any imperfections.

Shade I use for highlight and conceal Classic Ivory

Shade I use for Contouring Warm Sand

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

2017-09-03 08.51.20

I did an entirely separate review on this foundation, but I just can’t get over how amazing this foundation makes my skin look. It is full coverage without all the cakiness and mattifying which means you get to choose which areas you want to highlight and which areas you want to keep matte.

There you guys go, I hope you enjoyed this post, and all of you had an amazing summer! I am so excited for fall and all that is yet to come! Don’t forget to like and follow me! Thanks for reading!!


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