Estee Lauder Double Wear

Today’s blog post I am going to be reviewing the infamous, Estee Lauder Double wear foundation. With school starting and fall starting as well, I thought I would review this foundation for those of you who are on the hunt for something new. I hope you enjoy this post and as usual, follow my blog and like the post!

Purpose Of The Purchase

I was at Sephora one day, buying lipsticks. When one of the employees walked towards me to help me find what I was looking for. I was staring at her and I couldn’t help but notice how flawless her skin looked. I asked her what foundation is she wearing and she said Estee Lauder Double Wear. I swatched some on my skin and it was phenomenal. So I ended up buying the whole bottle.

The Review

I noticed this foundation is available in so many different shades, which is always great. I love it when brands create a shade for variety of skin tones. It is full coverage, but extremely matte. It applied so beautifully on the skin when I wore it, and it genuinely made my skin look so soft. It is light weight and it truely is a liquid foundation. It had a bit of a thin consistency, but still great coverage. This foundation contains an spf of 10, which is always a bonus, especially if you are like me and you skip SPF all together. As for the longevity, it is extremely long wearing, it doesn’t get patchy or rubs off in areas. It stays on for a very long period of time, and again is just so matte and beautiful. I would recommend this for people with oily skin and pigmented skin, because this stays matte for a very long time and covers any blemishes without popping through.

Price $34 CAD 1oz/30ml

Click here to purchase

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