Give Your Blog a Makeover

As bloggers, we usually thrive on inspiration and our creativity level might spike up for several weeks and then spike right back down for other weeks. Creative people seem to have this thirst for constant inspiration and motivation, isn’t this why you clicked on this post? Writers, editors, and photographers all have one thing in common, they love newness. There are no rules in blogging, especially if you are running your blog on your own. You can give your website a makeover 5 times a day if you want to (not saying I recommend it). Therefore if you feel like your blog needs a quick makeover say no more, I got you.

1. Change up the theme

Every makeover starts with a change in style. Your websites theme is so important in reflecting your personality and in capturing your audience’s attention. The choice of the colors, background images, and handwriting all have a great influence on the way your readers feel when they visit your blog. There are so many different themes on WordPress that you can use and customize in order to create a blog that represents your unique style. Using a certain color palette (pastels, taupes or single redundant color) can take your blog from one level to another. Spend a day or two roaming around and finding some inspiration that you think fits with what you want to convey through your website.

2.Create your own new series

A series on your blog will show consistency and variety all at once. It is a way to keep the readers anticipating a certain post around the certain time of the week or month. This will not only encourage reader’s to come back and visit your blog, but it will also give a variety of blog posts on the same topic for new readers. A series can consist of anything you consistently can write about, for example, you can do a “what I eat in a day” blog post every Monday, or “the battle of the swatches” every 2 weeks. It is all about consistency and variety at once.

3. Update some of the cover photos & Edit some old posts 

In general, as bloggers, our content always gets better with time. Our writing skills and our photography skills improve and we simply get better at what we do. What is it they say? Practice makes perfect. Therefore there is nothing wrong with editing some of your old work and improving your blog’s content. That also includes updating some of the older pictures that you don’t feel super buzzed about or that aren’t consistent with your new theme.


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