Yoga On The Brain

Our brain is the most important organ in our bodies. The brain has direct control over your actions and thoughts, therefore if you have a healthy brain you will most definitely lead a healthier life. It is not new news that neuroscientists are constantly searching for the link between working out and its benefits on the brain and the overall body. But during the past couple of years, scientists have zoomed in on the concept of yoga on the body, particularly on the brain. More therapists are trying to guide their patients away from conventional medicine and into yoga and meditation as a tool to relieve stress and anxiety.

Through mindful breathing, movement, and meditation, yoga has shown to alter the chemical composition in the brain. According to research conducted as early as 2018, yoga has a direct impact on Serotonin levels, the hormones responsible for sleep and mood regulation. It is also responsible for dopamine production in the brain, explaining “the yoga high” phenomena and produces the feel-good hormone endorphins.


There are so many reasons to get out of our heads and onto our mats. If you are not currently practicing yoga, give it a shot and observe how you feel after. I have heard time and time again that yoga can truly change lives, not only due to its effects on the brain but due to the lessons it teaches beyond the mats.

Happy flowing,




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